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Medications At School

According to Byng School Policy and School Health Law, if it is necessary for a Student to need medication at school the following information must be provided by the Parent/Guardian before the medication will be given:

         Student's Name
         Name and strength of medication
         Dosage (amount)
         Time to administer medication (as needed or daily)
         Purpose (reason) for the medication 
         Parent/Guardian signature, date, and contact number

         Must be in the original bottle or package (most pharmacies will label a school bottle when asked)
         Medication must be delivered to the School Nurse or Principal's office by the parent.
         Any medication not picked up by the parent/guardian by the end of school will be destroyed.

         The above information applies to prescription and non-prescription (over-counter) medications and are in place for the safety of all students

         A student that needs to carry and self administer emergency medication (asthma inhaler or epi-pen) must have a completed Self - Administration of Emergency Medication Authorization form on file in the Nurse's Office or Principal's Office.  An emergency back-up supply of the medication needs to be provided to the school.

A printable copy of the Authorization to Administer Medications or Self- Administration of Emergency Medication can be found under files below.

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